The US, in addition to being a vast country. Economic power Having said that, this America is also a tourist destination of tourists around the world as well. Follow us on a trip with 10 Beautiful places to visit in America 2020. Beautiful and beautiful. When not to miss a flight. Whether it is naturally beautiful and strange, Nothing like in the world Brand-name shopping streets Including travelling that is not difficult Follow us to see if If travelling to America, where is the place that must not be missed?

There are 10 Beautiful places to visit in America

Statue of liberty

New york

Statue of Liberty is one of the 10 Beautiful places to visit in America. Statue of Liberty travelling in America. Land doesn’t matter Anyone visiting America must not miss the Statue of Liberty, a magnificent monument. And has the mental value of every American Which is a French gift given to Americans On the day that America celebrated the 100th anniversary of the National Day, and in the year 2527 B.E. Announcing the Statue of Liberty Is a world heritage site as well.

Antelope Canyon Travel America

Antelope Valley is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in America. It located in the city of DuPage, Arizona, with a strange landscape Caused by the erosion of the rock layer. Navajo Sandstone was suddenly eroded by the current that washed through Combining the strength of the wind, rain, storms through various seasons.

Here becomes The most dangerous valley Since that area may flood suddenly at any time, And the water level can be as high as 10 meters. It is also a tourist attraction that attracts photographers around the world. Because of the natural colour that is caused by the impact of sunlight shining through the strait Reflected in the colour of the Navajo Sandstone strata, resulting in awe-inspiring beauty.

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge Travel to America. The Golden Gate Bridge is a very large suspension bridge. And the longest, the first bridge of that era There are many beautiful viewpoints here. Of Bay Area Pacific ocean And Marin Headland on the north side of the bridge. Makes tourists accessible cycling Or walking on the sidewalk along the bridge to take beautiful pictures and see the view.

Yellowstone national park

Wyoming, Montana and America’s

Yellowstone is the first national and international Park the America and world. And the largest in the United States This Park is located on the Yellowstone Plateau, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. It has three consecutive states, namely Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

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Unique characteristics of the spring. In the middle area will be blue Next comes out in red. And orange colour at the edges respectively Another place that can not miss is The Old Faithful Hot Spring, which has water rising several meters from the ground every 33 and 93 minutes, unchanged in 100 years and more than 300 waterfalls. There are also many wildlife species that Hard to find.

Niagara Falls

New york

Niagara Falls Is a large waterfall that is more than 50 meters high and more than 300-800 meters wide, located between the border of the United States in New York and Canada Visitors can take a boat to watch the waterfall closely. Can travel throughout the year But during the cold season there will be freezing weather.

Boulder Dam

Nevada and Arizona

Boulder Dam Is the largest concrete dam in the world And became the second largest after the Grand Coulee Dam was completed Built here to block the Colorado River To prevent flooding in winter And for irrigation Produce electric power. In addition, the area above the dam turns into a beautiful lake Mead Visitors can take a boat to cruise the lake and take pictures. Boulder Dam Is also a part of 10 Beautiful places to visit in America.

Crater Lake


Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes. Of the world Located within the Crater Lake National Park of Oregon. The unique feature is the deepest crater lake in America, 1,943 feet around the lake, surrounded by beautiful pine forest. Suitable for travelling to relax and breathe good air.

Big Sur


Big Sur, a gorgeous road along the sea.The dream trip of drivers like travelling. It was built along the Pacific coast of California. Throughout the route, there are beaches to stop by, relax, have beautiful views to drive, watch the wind, and it’s that it’s very romantic as well.

Monument Valley

The Monument Valley is located Nation’ so Nation’s Monument Valley Park, between the border of Arizona and Utah. It is filled with red sandstone mountains that last more than 50 million years, each of which is 400-1,000 feet tall. If Jintana, the movie Aliens, invades the world This place is perfect as one of the locations for filming movies.

Central park

New york

Central Park Is the largest park in New York. Is the large lung of the city that the entire American people own And tourists All come to relax, exercise, sit for a picnic. In addition to the park, there are zoos, theatres, fountains and many more.

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