Dubai is the most alluring place for the tourist. In this world, many places are present that give alluring views and more fascinating ideas that take place in a person’s heart. If we are going towards the natural beauty of Dubai, then no other place will be like desert safari Dubai. Also, this place gives many memories and eye-catching views, which will not be collected from any other place also.

Overview of Dubai Desert Safari

This is the traditional, natural, and the best place in Dubai that everyone wants to visit once in life. If a tourist or Dubai citizen visits this place once, then he will surely be potent again go to that place to collect more memories.

Many places are introduced in Dubai as outdoor activities and make some quality time. But Dubai Desert Safari is the place that will be open for everyone any time and any day. This place is designed to get natural views and make some quality time with your family, friends. Partner, and any other person which you like the most.

Desert Safari Dubai Timings and Package

Desert safari is open all the time that you can visit according to your easiness. This place offers a different timing schedule that you should get before going there.

Luxury Desert Safari Dubai

Timing: 3 PM – 9 PM

Duration: 6 Hours

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Schedule: 8 AM – 12 PM

Duration:  3 Hours

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Schedule: 3 PM – 9 PM

Duration:  6 Hours

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Schedule: 6 PM- 8 AM

Duration: 15 Hours

Dubai Desert Safari Highlights

This is the best place in Dubai also for outdoor tours. When you are at the Dubai Desert Safari tour, then you will surely be getting more activities to enjoy and collect memories. however, this beautiful place offers many kinds of events that are here.

  • Pick up and Drop Off

In a Dubai Desert Safari tour package, our 4×4 luxury car will give you the pick up and drop of services according to your location.

  • Dune Bashing

Our expert driver will give you an amazing zig-zag ride on a desert safari that gives much fun and adventure, also which you will never get before.

  • Welcome Refreshment

When you are at Desert Safari, the refreshment will be arranged in which special Arab dates, coffee, mineral water and much more for you.

  • Camel Riding

At the rid of camel, a person can get more natural views extreme visit of the desert safari place on the camel.

  • Henna Painting

Henna painting opportunity will provide you with an expert person who is potent to create beautiful designs.

  1. Arab Special Buffet

Buffet in which many kinds of foods are offered in the desert safari packages. also, Arab special foods and many other choices are added in buffets system

  • Live Shows

Tenure dance, belly dance, magic shows, and other live shows are offered for you in which people get some fun and make memories also.

Which place offers the Best Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

If you want to visit this place and get some expert driver that gives you more fun than no other place is best like ours, but we are expert and offers Desert Safari Dubai tour for many years. Therefore give us a chance and get the fantastic Desert Safari tour.