What is Ganzay Experiences?
Ganzay Experiences is a platform which allows you to create bookable experiences that travelers around the world can buy online
How can i view my Country Currency Prices on your Website?
Theres a drop down box on our Website just opposite to our Company Logo on the right hand top corner, you can Click this dropdown box & select your Country Currency after which you will be able to view the amount as per your Country Currency.
Do i need to all the time check out once I add a Tour to the Cart?
No there is no need to Check out all the time. Once you select the Add to Cart option on the Tour for Booking a particular tour that Tour gets added on to your Cart after which you can scroll down to select some other Tour & hit the Add to Cart option for any other Tour you want to Book.The same process continues for how many ever Tours you want to Book with us.
When will I receive a Voucher after making an Online Payment?
You will receive a Voucher immediately on your Mail once you make the Payment Online.
Is my Payment secure?
Your Payment information is encrypted in such a way that it remains highly secured through our Payment Gateway.
Is it possible if by any chance I want to change my Travel date after making the Booking Online?
Yes it is offcourse possible to change the Travel date prior your Booking doesn't stand against our Cancellation Policy. All you need to do is you need to Mail your travel date change request on info@ganzay.com Our Sales Representative will immediately provide you a Confirmation on it.
Can I use my Credit Card to make the Payment?
Yes you can use your Credit Card to make the Payment Online. Just for your information that our Payment Gateway accepts both Debit & Credit cards for the Payments.
How can i cancel my Booking?
You can cancel your Booking directly via Email.If your Booking falls within our Cancellation Policy you will be eligible for the Refund according to the current status of your Cancellation Policy.
How will you Refund the amount back to your Account?
The amount will be Refunded back to your Account Online.At the same time you will also be assisted with a Screenshot of the Online transaction of your Refund.