With breathtaking views, mind-blowing architecture, and an expanse of desert, Dubai is the perfect place to capture some stunning photos. However, many other places can be overlooked or forgotten about when you’re looking for photo opportunities in Dubai. Here’s your guide to The Best Photo Spots In Dubai

As one of the most popular destinations on Earth, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of great places to take pictures in Dubai! But if you want to find the best photo spots in this city with so much beauty around every corner, then keep reading for your ultimate list of must-visit locations.

14 Best Photo Spots In Dubai

Whether you’re looking for iconic landmarks or just a beautiful sunset view from one of the local beaches, there are endless opportunities for your following perfect picture!

1) JBR Beach Walk

Take a stroll along this waterfront promenade for some of the best views in Dubai. With the cityscape in the background and the waves of the Arabian Gulf crashing ashore, this is definitely a must-photograph spot.

The best time to go is during the late afternoon when the sun starts to set, and the sky turns a beautiful orange hue. People-watching can be a fun bonus activity here as well!

You can pose with the modern Burj Al Arab in the background, but make sure you use a wide-angle lens for this iconic hotel! Another idea is to get a picture with the yachts and catamarans moored along the pier.

2) The Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest building is an iconic landmark that Dubai cannot miss. It is indeed one of the best photo spots in Dubai. If you’re looking for a good vantage point to photograph this mega tower, then head to the observation deck on the 124th floor.

Not only will you have a clear view of the entire building, but you’ll also be able to see for miles in every direction. This is an awe-inspiring sight and a must-photograph spot for any visitor to Dubai.

Don’t forget your tripod if you want to snap a selfie or group shot with this incredible structure in the background!

3) The Dubai Fountain

The world’s largest choreographed fountain is a sight to see. With water jets that can reach up to 500 feet in height, it’s no wonder this attraction is so popular.

It’s best to visit the fountain show in the evening when it’s lit up in all its glory. Make sure you’re there at least 30 minutes before showtime to get a good spot, or you can always take pictures from other bridges nearby.

If you want some variety in your photo opportunities, try getting an aerial shot of this incredible display. A drone would be perfect for this!

4) Al Fahidi Historic District

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit for anyone interested in Dubai’s history and culture. The district comprises narrow streets, traditional houses, and mosques that date back to the 1800s.

There are plenty of opportunities for photos here, but be sure to mind your surroundings as you explore. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of alleyways and end up with a great shot but no way out!

Some of the most photogenic spots in this district include the wind towers, which were used to cool buildings in the past, and the old fort, now used as a museum.

5) Jumeirah Mosque

This mosque is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai, and for a good reason. Not only is it a beautiful building, but it’s also open to the public for visits.

The best time to go for photos is during prayer times when the mosque is lit up with colorful lights. It’s also best to visit during morning or evening prayer hours, as that way you can avoid the crowds.

If you’re looking for something different, consider getting a shot of this mosque with its reflection in the water. The garden surrounding it is lush and green, making for an interesting background!

6) Dubai Museum

Located inside the Al Fahidi Fort, this museum is dedicated to preserving Dubai’s history. Visitors are given a tour by an “Abra Captain,” who explains all the important exhibits.

The best time to visit for some great photos is during the evening. The lighting inside the buildings changes depending on whether it’s day or night outside, and it makes for some very atmospheric shots.

Another great time to go is during the annual Heritage Festival, which takes place in January. The festival celebrates the traditional food, music, and culture of Dubai and is a must-see for anyone visiting during that time.

7) The Dubai Creek

This is where the city’s ancient pearling industry took place, and you can still see a few of those old houses scattered along the banks. You could spend an entire day just exploring everything that can be seen from this vantage point, but a few specific places would make for perfect photos.

One spot is on the Bur Dubai side of the Creek Dhow Cruise , where you can get a shot of its modern buildings compared to the old houses. Another good spot is on the Deira side, where more traditional houses and even some boat workshops.

If you want an aerial shot, consider taking one from the top floor of Fishtales restaurant or one of the water taxis that go up and down the Creek.

8) Al Bastakiya

This historic district is one of the oldest in Dubai and is a great place to see traditional architecture. The narrow streets are perfect for wandering around, and there are plenty of opportunities for photos.

One of the most photogenic spots is the old wind tower used as a museum. There are also some beautiful old mosques in the area and traditional houses with intricate carvings.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, try photographing the buildings at night. The district is lit up with colorful lights, making for a very atmospheric shot.

9) Sheikh Zayed Road

This stretch of road is one of the most famous in Dubai and is always busy with traffic. However, that makes it the perfect place for some exciting photos.

The best time to go is at night when the buildings are all lit up. You can get some great shots of the towering skyscrapers against the dark sky.

Another good time to go is during rush hour when the traffic is peak. The cars and buses make for an interesting abstract photo.

10) Marina

This artificial harbor is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. You can find everything from luxury yachts to humble fishing boats here, and it’s always a bustling place.

The best time to go for photos is during the morning or evening. At night, the buildings along the Marina are lit up with colorful lights, making for a beautiful scene.

The sun casts a beautiful golden light over the boats and buildings in the morning. It’s a great time to get some shots of the reflections in the water. It is the most romantic place for couples and one of the best photo spots in Dubai.

11) Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The desert around Dubai is full of dunes and camels, so it’s the perfect place for desert photography. They’re also used to be a heritage village now closed, but there are still some traditional huts that you can photograph.

While the best time for photographing the desert is early morning, it’s also worth going to sunset. The sun casts a golden light over everything, creating some stunning shots.

12) Dubai Miracle Garden

This is the world’s largest floral garden, and it covers over 55 thousand square meters. It has more than 45 million flowers of many different varieties.

The garden is open all year round, but the best time to go for photos is during the winter when the flowers are in bloom. The flowers are all arranged in beautiful patterns so that you can get some great shots of the garden’s architecture.

It has become a popular spot for wedding photos, and it’s easy to see why. With its beautiful setting and unique flowers, it’s the perfect place to capture some magical moments.

13) Tolerance Bridge

This pedestrian bridge is designed to look like it’s floating on the water, creating a very pretty scene. The best time to visit is in the evening when the sun sets over the Creek and reflects in the water below you.

The bridge looks especially beautiful at night when it’s lit up by thousands of tiny lights that twinkle like stars. It makes for an enchanting scene that looks like something from a fairytale.

14) The Palace Downtown Dubai

From the outside, you’ll think that this is just a regular mall, but it has an extra unique feature. There are actually four floors inside that have been turned into a fairytale-like magical forest.

It’s definitely worth going to see since both children and adults will love it. It’s also a perfect spot for some fun photos.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know some of the best photo spots in Dubai, go out and explore the city. You’re sure to find some fantastic spots that will make for some stunning photos. Don’t forget your camera!

If you’re looking for something a bit different, try photographing the city from a different perspective. Rather than photographing the glamorous side of Dubai, try capturing some of its rougher edges.

It’s not just architecture that’s worth photographing. There are also many interesting characters that you can photograph, including some unusual-looking street performers.