Travelling in Canada invites the world to visit beautiful places, adventurous with a spectacular trip to Canada that no one has to fall in love with both nature, culture and modern cities. With the completion in Canada. There Are Top 10 places to visit in Canada 2020.

          Canada is ranked as the world’s most liveable country in 2017 by Lonely Planet. With this vast country, there are many adventurous destinations in Canada. Which each of Canada’s top tourist spots is ranked among the most beautiful places in the world. If anyone is looking for a vacation abroad that is worth visiting Say that travelling to Canada once will give you both the impression and sleep. Today we have collected Top 10 places to visit in Canada 2020. Where would that be? Let’s see.

These are the Top 10 places to visit in Canada

1. Rocky Mountains

          The Rocky Mountains or the Canadian Rockies are the most beautiful and majestic in Canada. Is a mountain range that spans from the northernmost part of British Columbia, Canada, to New Mexico. The United States of America The famous tourist spots to visit the Rocky Mountain Mountains are in the Banff National Park, and the Jasper National Park, Alberta (Alberta).which has routes Drive to see gorgeous peaks, especially on the Icefields Parkway and the Trans-Canada Highway during the Jasper.

           The Rocky Mountains Is 1 place from Top 10 places to visit in Canada of 2020. You can also hop on the cable of the car (Gondola) to the viewpoint at the top of Sulfur Mountain in Banff National Park. To see the spectacular view of the Rockies, there is a pathway above the sea level of more than 2,281 meters to walk the mountains to the fullest. Also, there are many tourist attractions nearby.

2. Banff National Park

          Banff National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions. With a portion of the area in the Rocky Mountain Range and the most beautiful viewpoint in the Rocky Mountains. Also, there are beautiful and very fertile forests. We will see signs to watch out for wild bears throughout the path and every season. The lake is not inferior. There is a top beauty in the world ever.

          Another thing that should not be missed here is the visit to Banff Avenue, a small town surrounded by high valleys. Full of old buildings There are many souvenir shops and chic cafes, especially during the cold season. The whole city will turn white. Decorated with colourful lights Giving the feeling of being in a city of dreams

3. Lake Louise

 Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, located in Banff National Park, Alberta. It is a lovely, emerald blue lake. Surrounded by towering green mountains That we will be able to see the snow that covered on the sparse mountain tops. It is very beautiful scenery, like a fairytale land.

          In the winter, this is open for ice skating on the lake. And there are mountains for skiing to enjoy. If anyone wants to get up early to see the lake Then have to try to stay at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise once

4. Columbia Icefield

          Columbia Icefield is the most massive ice sheet in the North American Rocky Mountains. Located between the contact area of ​​British Columbia And Alberta The ice sheet stretches to the south of Jasper National Park and the north of Banff National Park. The total area is approximately 325 square kilometres. Which divided into eight massive glaciers and glaciers that are accessible and popular with tourists is Athabasca Glacier. In the spring, there will be a Snow Coach to welcome and bring tourists to visit the vast ice sheet. this

5. Stanley Park and Vancouver

          Stanley Park, a public park near downtown Vancouver British Columbia Is a popular tourist attraction that no one visiting this city must visit. Because this park has a large area of ​​about 400 hectares, it is full of various beautiful nature, both forests and beaches. Here is a lovely viewpoint in Vancouver. There is a chilling bike path, a seafood restaurant with a beautiful view of the bay and Vancouver to experience. There is also an activity area to choose from to complete.

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          Vancouver It is one of the most prosperous cities on the west coast of Canada. There are people of many nationalities and cultures. Especially Asian people When Asian culture Mixed with the warm weather of Vancouver Making it one of the most livable cities in the world Attractions not to be missed when visiting Vancouver, such as the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Lookout, Yaletown, Steam Clock in Gas Town, Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Science World, Grouse Mountain, English Bay, Queen Elizabeth Park, Lynn Canyon. Suspension Bridge Etc. And I hope you are enjoying Top 10 places to visit in Canada article.

6. The Butchart Gardens

          If asked for the most beautiful flower garden in the world, I believe that it has the name of The Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. Included This is a flower garden with a long history. The garden is full of various flowers. Which take turns to bloom throughout the year Which will be divided into different zones as well as arranging gardens in different styles such as Sunken Garden, Rose Garden, Concert Lawn Walk, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden and Mediterranean Garden. Also, during spring and season Summer is suitable for a unique experience like the English Tradition of Afternoon Tea here.

7. Niagara Falls

          Niagara Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the world and located between the New York state border the United States of America And Ontario, Canada. This waterfall consists of 3 waterfalls. Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, American Falls on the United States and Bridal Veil on the American side, such as together.

          If you want to see all three waterfalls from a high angle, you can climb the observation tower from the Canada side. And this side can also see Niagara Falls in a beautiful panoramic view as well. If anyone comes to visit during the cold season. Then will see the waterfall turn into ice. At night there will be a glowing light show to the waterfall. Regarded as Canada’s The Must

          Also, nearby Niagara Falls There are still many vineyards and wineries to visit. In which most vineyards will visit the vineyard, ice wine production process, underground wine cellar And wine tasting Is a popular activity that must be said not to be missed.

8. Victoria

          City of victoria Located on the west coast of Canada On Vancouver Island British Columbia It is one of the oldest and most beautiful seaports. It is a historical city. Because it appointed as the capital of Canada during the year 1871, we will see many churches and buildings in this city that have a gothic style. Still viewing a chariot tour And the simple way of life of the local people. Victoria is also known as the City of Gardens because the city is full of trees and beautiful gardens, and visitors must not miss the fresh seafood.

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          Victoria’s must-see attractions include the Craigdarroch Castle Historic House Museum, Whale Watching Tours, Hatley Park National Historic Site, Abkhazi Garden, Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse, Bastion Square, Fairmont Empress, Government House, British Columbia Parliament Buildings, The Butchart Gardens Etc.

9. Ottawa

          Talking about how to travel to Canada without a capital city, Ottawa considered being one of the most charming capitals in the world. Those who are fascinated by the Gothic Revival architecture will love this city. Ottawa may be slightly different from the capital city that many people imagine. Because there are not many modern buildings and tall buildings around the city, we can see most of the buildings in the Gothic Revival style.

          Ottawa’s must-see attractions include Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal, National Gallery of Canada, ByWard Market, Canadian War Museum, Notre Dame, Rideau Hall, Etc.

10. Saint Joseph’s Oratory and Montreal

          Saint Joseph’s Oratory, located on the top of Mount Royal, is one of Montreal’s oldest Roman Catholic chapels. And is the largest church in Canada Built, since the year green gardens surround 1904 with a Renaissance architectural style? The interior divided into parts such as the Crypt Church, The Votive Chapel, Basilica, Etc.? The outside.

The city of Montreal Located in the state of Quebec (Quebec) is prosperous. And rich in culture that is not inferior to any city of Canada is the second-largest city in this country. And the majority of the population speaks French fluently Because at one point in the past it had influenced France. The atmosphere around the city is a little similar to Europe. Making it one of the most exciting and livable cities in the world. One thing that you don’t want to miss when visiting Montreal Is to visit the Old Montreal area. Which is full of beautiful old buildings, with local restaurants Souvenir shops, chic cafes to choose from.

These are the Top 10 places to visit in Canada . And I hope you will enjoy this article.