Ganazy Take a tour of England. Experience the ancient wonderfully beautiful according to the history of the United Kingdom with the top 10 tourist attractions in England.

10. Hadrian’s Wall

The Romans built Hadrian’s Wall. The purpose of protecting the colonies from invasions of the Scottish people is 117 meters long, across the northern part of the British Isles. From the Irish Sea to the North Sea Hadrian’s Wall Beginning in the reign of Emperor Hadrian in the year 122 AD completed within six years. Currently, only the central Wall is still visible. Able to walk along the Wall With old and beautiful Hadrian’s Wall Therefore is one of England’s most popular tourist destinations And registered as a World Heritage Site in 1987.

9. Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, The original structure was made of wood by William I of England in 1068 and has been restored. By modifying the structure into stone in the 12th century during the Hundred Years’ War, the front of Warwick Castle facing opposite the city. It was strengthened and made Warwick Castle to recognized as an example of military architecture in the 14th century. In 2001, Warwick Castle was dubbed 1 in 10 of the memorial. National Historic Site And is one of the Travel destinations in England that are most interested in tourists.

8. Lake District

Another tourist attraction in England. The Lake District, the largest national park in England. Located in the northwest of the country In Cumbria County The appeal is the lakes and mountains and caused by the twisting of glaciers in the olden days Born as a picture of water. The picturesque, beautiful mountain. To this day, the Lake District is another famous destination for climbers. Each year, about 14 million tourists visit.

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7. Tower of London

Tower of London, England, is located on the banks of the Thames in London. Are a royal palace and a fortress built William I of England in the year 1078 to prevent attacks by people against the Normans? Later, the Tower of London. Used as a prisoner of high rank from 1100 to the middle of the 20th century.

6. The Cotswolds

Cotswolds, a gentle hilly landscape The city has one of the most enchanting natural scenery in England. The highest point at sea level is 330 meters. Popular places among tourists the villages made of honey-coloured stones. Historic Old Town Which is unique in England.

5. Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is Also a part Top 10 tourist attractions in England of Christ Church The Virgin Mary And St Cuthbert of Durham located in the northeastern town of Durham. It is the most significant Norman building in England. The structure of the Durham Cathedral is stone, founded on August 12 1093. Most of the fabric is Romanesque, with 66 meters of towers. A total of 325 stairs later renovated and added some parts. But overall Durham Cathedral It is still Norman architecture. In 2011, this British tourist destination voted by the BBC News as the fascinating building in the British Isles. UNESCO gave to Durham Cathedral is a World Heritage Site with Durham Castle opposite.

4. York Minster

York Cathedral Is a gothic Christian temple The largest in northern Europe (After the Cologne Cathedral Germany) The York Cathedral began construction in 1230 and completed in 1472. It is a structure that combines all the essential features of Gothic architecture. One thing that is famous and recognizable large window named “Great East Window” built-in 1408. It considers the largest stained glass window in the world.

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3. Windsor Castle

Natural Top 10 tourist attractions in England Windsor Palace Is one of the residences of Queen Elizabeth II during the weekend. And is considered a royal palace that still has the most significant and oldest inhabitants in the world. All kings of England involved in creation and development. Windsor Palace From history according to various periods In peace from war Windsor Palace used as a residence for the King during the war. Windsor Palace Will used as a fortress with strong reinforcements And this system still used until today.

2. Big Ben

Westminster Palace Clock Tower Or better known as the Big Ben, this old tower built on October 16, 1834, after the fire of the Westminster Palace. In truth, Big Ben was not the name of the clock tower. It is the name of a 13-tonne bell that hangs in a vent above the clock face and the word Big Ben derived from the name of Sir Benjamin Hall. The first man who ordered the Big Ben bell is 96.3 meters tall. It is a tall clock tower. Was the 3rd in the world and became a symbol of England And has also appeared in many movies.

1. Stonehenge

Top tourist attractions in England have to give Stonehenge large stone blocks on the Salisbury plains in the south of the British Isles. They consist of 112 giant stone boulders. Stonehenge’s origin has no right conclusions. There are only many assumptions. Archaeologists believe that This rock pile built somewhere around 3000 – 2000 BC by calculating the age from radioactive carbon. Scientists and historians have speculated that all the giant rock bars drawn from elsewhere. But it believed that the Stonehenge should have built to perform religious rituals of people in ancient times. With unbelievable mysteries and mysteries, Stonehenge cited as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.