Today, we would like to recommend the top 2 Most luxurious cruise ships in the world. “Emphasizing luxury travel, comfortable Travel, various cruise routes For VIP guests. The extraordinary thing about cruising with a luxury boat is convenience and emphasizing the superb service of the crew. That has trained expertly, whether as a waiter, bartender or even on a cruise ship For these luxury ships, everything will be like All-inclusive All expenses included, free tips, drinks, food, coast tours and much more.

Of course, the costs and details on the boat will not create uncomfortably. And aching for you anymore, therefore we welcome all VIP guests. Let’s get to know …….

Top 2 Most luxurious cruise ships In the World.

1. Cruise the Seven Seas Explorer

Number one in the heart…Welcome, all passengers. Enter the Seven Seas Explorer, the most luxurious cruise in the world. Under the luxury brand Regent Seven Seas, Everything is All-Inclusive. Launched in 2016, is a medium-sized ship at 55,254 tons with a capacity of 750 passengers—construction budget of 15,570 million baht. Seven Seas Explorer is 1st ships from Top 2 Most luxurious cruise ships In the World.

Let’s try to go deeper. The ultimate luxury in the style of the Seven Seas Explorer cruise.

What are the values?

  • The interior of the cruise ship covers an area of ​​over 4,262 square meters, which is decorated with half of the marble, the Italian car stone, which is the best marble in the world.
  • Distinctive with beautiful patterns Marble with these decorative details Will used throughout the ship, including 375 suites. The bathrooms will be decorated with the most beautiful marble.
  • On the luxurious ship, there are also 158 beautiful chandeliers made of crystals. We will find it in restaurants, lounges, other public areas. Not all that. There are 97 chandeliers in luxury suites and 218 chandeliers that line the corridor. Illuminate the beautiful atmosphere And warm at night as well.
  • This boat has a special to say: service that is beyond expectations. Measured by the total 552 crew per 750 passengers, meaning that the service rate per guest is as high as 1: 1.36. Guests will receive the most personalized service. In all the cruise trips during the holidays, sure enough.
  • The total terrace area on the boat is as high as 4,822 square meters. On average, each suite has a balcony that is 12 square meters. It can say that it is the largest in the cruise industry.
  • The Seven Seas Explorer cruise ship spends around 5.2 million baht in luxuriously decorated suites like Regent Suite. Must be on the plate of the Versace brand only, even bedding in the room Which has a price of around 3.1 million baht.
  • The luxurious Regent Suite is approximately 412 square meters in size, with two luxurious bedrooms. The living room has the best piano Steinway Arabesque designed by world-renowned designer Dakota Jackson.
  • He also received the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design. Also, the apartment offers free spa services without Limited both private sauna service Treatment room And steam room With garden views Come with a picture of the sea Beautiful.


  • Compass Rose restaurant comes with a dish with elegant designs Versace, a world-renowned brand. Paired with delicious food Is the largest main restaurant Serving Continental European food Luxurious atmosphere As if in a palace.
  • For those who like to drink champagne And fine wines on board. The Seven Seas Explorer has more than 2,148 premium champagne, 5,712 bottles of red and white wines available. Including alcohol, beer, wine, premium champagne.
  • For food menus for all VIP guests, Will prepared with excellent food menus such as delicious lobsters. The amount of lobster provided to guests per day is up to 900 kilograms for a 14 night trip from the gourmet restaurant in Seven Seas Explorer, including the main restaurants like Compass Rose and La Veranda.
  • Also, they have service 24-hour room service for those who want to have their own private dining time.

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2. Crystal Serenity Cruise of the Crystal Cruises Line

Experience the atmosphere that is very relaxing and comfortable throughout every trip. The Crystal Serenity Cruise Line of the Crystal Cruises Line will bring all cruise tourists. Crystal Serenity Cruise is also Most luxurious cruise ships In the World.

Head to beautiful locations from all over the world. Crystal Serenity, launched in 2003, weighs 68,000 tons, accommodates 1,080 passengers and was last updated in 2016. The construction budget is 12,250 million baht ($ 350 million US dollars). Is a ship of the luxury class has a beautiful and grand interior.

I like the hotel, and it must give to a 6-star level. All-inclusive luxury, including all expenses on the boat And unlimited drinks, including free tips but not including coastal tours. Forget about the details. You don’t have to think about getting a headache.

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What are the values?

  • The Crystal Serenity Cruises is a work of design by Robert Tillberg. The Tillberg family is considered the world’s leading boat design company. With a reputation for over 30 years. Outstanding design work especially on cruises such as Crystal Serenity, Queen Elizabeth 2, Queen Mary 2 as well as Four Seasons Ocean Residences.
  • He can design the old boat. To become the most modern ship in the world. Besides, he also designed A six-star hotel like Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons Hotel.
  • This luxury ship There are many interesting and varied routes. There are cruise routes around the world. Travellers will feel the journey is endless. And see places that have hidden beauty, such as natural sites, world heritage sites, which some boats cannot enter.
  • The luxury that comes with Excellent service Warm atmosphere for a friendly welcome. Considered a featured That attracts travellers to come back to use the service again. On this 6-star cruise ship, there are more than 85% of the rooms are private rooms with a balcony. There are Penthouse rooms with a width from 34- 91.23 square meters with a personal butler. There is a Jacuzzi bathtub. And have a large closet.


  • There are many restaurants on this boat. There are many menus. And have the best food And use top quality raw materials This boat has a main restaurant that serves international cuisine. And excellent wines served throughout the year, known as the Crystal Dining Room. There are also famous restaurants like Silk Road and Sushi Bar, the Japanese restaurant. The taste of the food is meticulously flavoured.
  • By skilled chefs such as Nobu Matsuhisa. And for those who like to sip hot tea Afternoon tea is also the Afternoon Tea atmosphere in the room is luxuriously decorated, the menu includes desserts, sandwiches and the best cakes there.
  • This boat is perfect for you who love endless learning. The Crystal Serenity is a prominent ship. And different from other boats Because there are institutions to learn about new ideas That have created “Creative Learning” with courses in various fields, up to digital movie making courses (and others).
  • There is also a Computer University @ Sea Suitable for people who like to learn new technology. Can use the internet for free here By connecting with Microsoft, Mac, iDevices, Android and Garmin and many others.
  • Crystal Serenity Cruises are award-winning cruises from around the world. And best boats on the ocean for those who like contemporary design in modern style. That blends with modern classics This boat will meet all experiences for you to try by yourself.